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About BiteBook

Connect with premier caterers and chefs on Australia's #1 online B2B catering marketplace.

BiteBook is where the artistry of food meets the world of business dining. With our finely-tuned platform, we bring a bespoke culinary experience straight to the boardrooms and event halls of the corporate realm. From curated business lunch packages that add a touch of finesse to your meetings, to vibrant office party catering that turns a routine gathering into a festive feast, BiteBook is your partner in crafting memorable corporate food experiences. We're dedicated to not just meeting but exceeding the culinary expectations of your business events, ensuring every dish served is a reflection of our commitment to quality, creativity, and service. With BiteBook, elevate every corporate occasion with the perfect blend of flavor and finesse.

What Our Clients Say

Ordering the Vietnamese Beef Noodle soup from Mama Pho really made me feel as though I was in the streets of Vietnam. Unique offering. To top it off, their customer support team was amazing.


Kitchko brought back the memoeries of the Motherland providing me with authentic catering. It's amazing to see they're doing the same thing for all cultures.


Didn't have to travel the world to try great cuisines. Kitchko really brough the tastes of the world to the office.


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